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One of the questions that we get asked regularly at the Big Bowl is what makes us special? For a place that is truly good and not just a run-of-the-mill eatery, that is a great question to ask. Of course the problem at the Big Bowl is there is so much that causes us to stand out in ways that people love.

We get the food for our restaurant at local sources which allows us to have a greater connection and impact in the community, as well as ensure the quality of the food that we serve. Through local sourcing we also get to be a benefit to our neighbours as we purchase our ingredients from those in the community.



The Big Bowl is also a place where it's not just the food that is authentic but the people as well. Our desire to provide a strong culture of hospitality is only matched by our desire to provide the highest quality, healthy food.


At the Big Bowl we love our healthy food and we believe that healthy can and should be tasty as well. Many individuals have this misconception that if food is healthy it therefore must be tasteless, but at the Big Bowl, we put our critics to shame when they try our food.  They know that healthy can be delicious.

So join in the growing community that seeks to support small family run businesses, sourced by local individuals within our community, with both authentic food and an authentic atmosphere of hospitality as we serve you some of the healthiest food around that will make you want to come back for seconds - only at the Big Bowl.

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